Usability Testing Services

Create Delightful Customer Experience Across Multiple Touchpoints

Design and Co-creation workshops

Usability testing helps to unravel usability issues that may impact consumer experience. We get real consumersin real environment to interact with products and interfaces allowing our clients understand the behavioral and decision-making patterns. We haveconducted usability testing studies involving global audienceand helped technology companies, e-commerce companies, online education companies and more to better their customer and product interface leading to happier experiences. Want to gather actionable insights to validate a prototype or improve the innovation pipeline? We got you covered Our moderators have experience working on different user testing tools and helping clients analyze, heat maps to help, click tests, navigation test and 5 second impression tests.

We have conducted online qualitative research with global audience across industry verticals and different target groups including the low incidence target audience like healthcare professionals. Our all in one solution consist of participant recruitment, Video streaming platform set up, Moderators and simultaneous translators. Team of project managers work round the clock helping you with interview scheduling and platform set up.

Helping Create people centered interfaces

  • Countries we can conduct usability testing?

    We have recruited and conducted usability studies in Asia, Africa and some of the Middle Eastern countries. Our UX lab in a box provides portable UX lab solutions so that you can research on the go

  • Industries we work in ?

    We have helped clients from below industry creating a stunning customer experience with local as well as global audience E-Commerce, Education, Technology, CSR Activities, Consumer Electronics Travel and Tourism, Aviation, Pharmaceutical and Mobile banking

  • Recruitment only studies?

    We also contribute on recruitment only studies where in client brings in their own UX lab set up and we manage recruitment and incentives

  • Case Studies:

    1. Technology company mobile app testing
    2. Online education website testing
    3. Flight booking app testing