Healthcare Market Research Services

Vital qualitative & quantitative insights into healthcare market research

Healthcare Market Research

Over the years we have worked for some of the leading pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, Consulting firms across Asia, Africa and Middle East. With our local field executives andour network of healthcare professionals we are strongly positioned to provide you a blend of traditional qualitative market research and innovative market research techniques.
Our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the local market, our proprietary solutions and international market research fieldwork capabilities. We can be a single point of contact for multi country studies allowing clients to concentrate on their research without getting into the nitty- gritty of fieldwork execution

We have always believed in offering Innovative market research services for pharma, health and diagnostics and medical equipment companies. Our data collection solutions are customized to meet client expectations.
We have partnered with global data collection companies, global insights agency and Pharmaceutical market research companies on different research techniques including Market Access, Brand Communication, NPS, HEOR, Brand Health Evaluation and more.
Our research fieldwork capabilities extend to emerging economies as well as low income economies.

Our Areas of Expertise

  Pain Management   Biologics
  Biosimilars and Inhibitors   Diabetes
  Gynaecology   Infectious Diseases
  Oncology   Cardiology
  Urology   Opthalmology
  Rheumatology   Pediatrics

Target Groups Covered

Payers Nurses
Pricing & Reimbursement professionals Pharmacists (Hospital & Retail Pharmacists)
Key Opinion Leaders Purchase Managers
Physicians (Across specialties) CIOs / CTOs / CEOs
Dentists Hospital Support Staff
Ophthalmologists Patients & Caregivers

Online group discussion with physicians.

This has become a preferred methodology with healthcare professionals in recent times as it cutdowns the travel time for the HCPs and easy to set up at the agency’s end. EMERGINGMR offers all in one solution for online groups with healthcare professionals from recruitment, online platform set up to interview scheduling. We have recruited physicians across specialties and therapeutic areas for full groups, mini groups etc and we understand how challenging it can be to get different physicians at the same time. Our senior field executives regularly follow up with doctors and make sure that they log in on time. "