Data Processing services in India

Data Validation & Cleaning

Data integrity checks with random test data, Data checks at different intervals 10%,50%, 75% etc. Data cleansing to remove outliers and speeders.

Data Processing

Data crunching, handling complex data, multi-level data, simple balancing and hierarchical data. Tables at different intervals 10% and 50% with significant testing and data weighting.

Open End Coding

Preparing code frames, nets, subnets. Manual and semi-automated coding. Team experienced in healthcare, FMCG, Aviation, Automobile, E-commerce, and other industries.

Advance Analytics

Statistical techniques (Z-test, T-test, Chi Square, CHAID, ANOVA, General linear models, Cluster analysis, Regression) and Data modelling.


Converting processed data into PowerPoint presentations. We provide visual data solutions like Charting for different kinds of Market Research studies – tracking, ad hoc, muti country trackers and syndicated research.

Text Analytics

Translating large volumes of unstructured text into quantitative data to uncover insights, trends, and patterns and presenting them as word cloud.

Data visualization & dashboarding

Visually appealing and engaging storytelling communications. Offline dashboards using VBA. Our team can help you extract meaningful, actionable insights from your dataset using online and offline dashboards. We make sure that our dashboards are easy to understand by end users. We can help you drill down, join the dots, and understand the trends and story. Infographics, slice and dice the way you like.