Ethnographic Research Services in India

Local nuances are vital to the success of any qualitative market research project.
At EMERGINGMR, we ensure that we add local color to your research.

Our approach to data collection has always been customer centric and we prefer treating research participants as people. Over the years we have partnered with global insights agencies, leading ethnography and observational research companies and qualitative market research companies in India as well as in international markets.
It is imperative that the moderator engrosses into the lives of participant by building a rapport and making it easier for both of them to relate to each other better. At EMERGINGMR, we have conducted various consumer connects across industry verticals and geographies and always believed in leveraging technology to offer most innovative qualitative data collection solutions to our clients including Video Diaries, Mobile Ethnography and in the moment research, which involved participants to download an application on their phone for a certain time period, upload images, audios, videos and their responses.
Immersions are invaluable source of real insights. It involves, understanding how people connect with brands, how they interact and how they perceive it in real life. As companies are adopting strategies that are more customers centric, demand for consumer connects has increased significantly over a period of time.We facilitate clients by arranging consumer connects across different target groups. Our recruitment team is capable of recruiting various target audiences for immersion from, mechanics working at independent workshops to frequent flyers.We can conduct immersions at various locations including

  • Consumer immersions

    Engross into the lives of your consumers via Consumer connects, Shop-along and get real life insights into the decision making

  • Mobile Ethnography

    In the moment insights. Get up and close with your consumers and see how they interact with brands in real environment through user uploaded videos and photos.

  • Exploratory Research

    Explore new areas of opportunities for your brandwithout worrying about the fieldwork complexities.

  • Consumer journey mapping

    Create delightful customer experience at different touchpoints by gaining insights into how your customers interact with your brand and their pain areas .

  • Cultural Immersions

    Insights that are culturally relevant and impactful. Immerse into the lives of local community to understand, not only the “why” but also the “context” in which decision making happens .

  • Persona Creation

    Create Persona for Design Thinking and Innovation to represent a larger section of your target audience and get richer insights into their needs.

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