Privacy Policy

EmergingMR Privacy Policy Statement has been designed to address the concerns / queries of respondents those have agreed to participate Market Research Studies conducted by us.
Respondents confidentialy is vital to us and we take utmost care not to share or sold our respondents personal information to any third party under any circumstances
We collect data for marketing research purposes only. Information gathered is analyze in aggregate and not individually. Respondents participation is absolutely voluntary. If the respondents wish then they can withdraw from the market research study at any given point of time. We do not seek any personal information. Information such as phone or email is only used when we need to validate the information about the respondent or their household. No personal information is used to conduct any sales related activity. As mentioned earlier information collected is used only for research purpose and individual identity is not revealed.
As we evolve and continue to progress we may amend our privacy policies. Please keep checking at regular intervals for upto date information