UX Research

"Helping you better the user experience with superb usability execution and breakthrough insights"

At EmergingMR we have partnered with clients on range of user experience researches helping them validate prototypes, build personas, understand website and mobile application accessibility and identify usability issues. We can help you with.. .

Aspects of qualitative fieldwork that we handle
Moderated - In facility testing
Moderated - Remote user testing
Unmoderated usability testing

Our strength lies in setting up appropriate usability environment, managing local logistics and recruiting participants. Our research studio consist of a focus group discussion room for usability interviews and a one way mirror facility meant for observation.

Be it usability software, high definition cameras, stable internet connection or local logistics, you can be rest assured that it would be taken care of. Allowing you to focus on the core research

Different camera types, different camera angles to capture the user interaction with a website or mobile application to help you drill down to the minute details

Experienced moderator and sim translator help you embed local essence into your research

Field network across India, Asia and Middle East allows us to recruit hard to reach respondents without any hassle