Quantitative Research

Quantitative Market Research leads to percentages and statistics, which in turn leads to decisive conclusions. Results can then be projected to a larger population base..
We offer multi mode data collection support across a wide range of quantitative research techniques, ranging from traditional F2F approaches to the most innovative ones. Our knowledge of local markets, cultural intricacies, helps us come up with data collection method, most suitable to the target group and the country.
We conduct online and offline studies across Asia, Middle East, LATAM, Africa and other emerging markets. Our industry specific interviewers for B2C & B2B studies ensure that we get the best possible information from respondents.

Quantitative Research Techniques
Advertisement Testing Market Entry Strategy
Brand Positioning Market Sizing
Brand Equity Market Segmentation
Concept Testing Package Testing
Customer Satisfaction Pricing Research
Employee Satisfaction Purchase Intent
Market Access Usage & Attitudes

We have industry specific interviewers for B2C & B2B studies across methodologies including..

CATI is effective when we need to reach out to target audience quickly and efficiently. We have experienced B2C and B2B telephonic interviewers across different industry segments. Our in house call center makes it possible to conduct target list studies with ease and keep the cost down.

EmergingMR Value Add:
In built voice recording software,
100% call recording (on demand)
Customized dialing system
Centralized data collection
Automated appointment scheduling
In built quota control mechanism
Interviewers in 10 different languages,
Data delivery in industry accepted formats like ASCII, Excel, CSV etc.

As the name goes computer assisted web interviewing involves the use of computer (PC, Laptop, Tabs to Smartphone) for answering the survey. CAWI is quick and reliable as compared to other traditional approaches. It has several advantages over other modes of data collection as images, videos and audios can be embedded into the questionnaire script. CAWI is best suited to studies involving, concept evaluation, packaging evaluation etc.

EmergingMR Value Add:
Programming team to manage complex survey design
Online and offline database of respondents
Real time monitoring on survey results
Centralized data collection
Data delivery in ASCII, Excel, CSV etc.

CAPI is an interviewing technique which involves the use of computer to conduct interviews. Usually the interviewer reads out the questionnaire from computer script and inputs the answers. This helps minimize interviewing errors and ensure logical data.
CAPI is very effective while interviewing C-Level executives in person.

Access to wider audience base
75 Laptops / Tablets that can be used at various intercepts
50 Smartphone with survey software
Real time data monitoring
Capability to embed Images, audios and videos into the survey

Pen and paper interviewing is one of the most commonly used mode of data collection. In person pen and paper interviews are known to provide valuable insights at low cost. We ensure that our interviewers are properly briefed and adhere to the international quality standards.
Our team of interviewers has worked across various product categories and target groups. The team can handle household as well as corporate jobs.

EmergingMR Value Add:
Experienced B2C & B2B interviewers
30% of randomly selected calls checked by supervisor
Independent Quality Control team
100% questionnaire scrutiny
Interviewers with experience into random sampling as well as boosters

CLT involves conducting market research in a location where participants are either pre recruited or acquired by street intercepts, to perform pre defined research tasks. Data can be collected using online approach or pen and paper interviews. We usually carry out central location projects at cyber cafes, shopping malls, restaurants, community halls or at household venues.
We customize our CLT settings based on the research requirements, be it having partitions, specific lightings, high speed internet etc. Our expertise and skilled resources across APAC, Middle East, LATAM and Africa offers you a seamless experience into central location tests.

At EmergingMR, our fieldwork team has experience conducting central location projects for..
Advertisement Testing
Concept Evaluation
Product Testing
Packaging Evaluation
Sensory Evaluation

EmergingMR Value Add:
Central location that can accommodate up to 20 participants
Classroom style arrangement
CCTV for observation
Customized storage in case of sensory evaluation
Internet based data collection
Trained interviewers & supervisors

Leveraging technology has always been our passion. We offer online as well as offline data collection capabilities across the markets we operate. With a network of carefully selected partner we provide access to various consumers, B2B, healthcare and other specialty panels.
We implement various quality control measures to ensure that we provide correct and valid data. Our data collection is line with the guidelines set for international data collection.