Qualitative Research

"Local nuances are vital to the success of any qualitative market research project. At EmergingMR, we ensure that we add that bit of local touch to your research"
Our approach to data collection has always been customer centric and we prefer treating research participants as people. Industry specific & bilingual moderators across Asia, Middle East, Latam, Africa and other emerging markets ensure that we get the best possible information leading to breakthrough insights. Our local fieldwork team has extensive recruitment experience across B2B and B2C spectrum and we are well placed to recruit target groups with incidence rate as low as 1%. With exclusive focus on fieldwork we provide best in class recruitments for different target groups.

Aspects of qualitative fieldwork that we handle
1 Way Mirror Facility
Web streaming/Live video streaming
Technical setup (especially for UX Research)
Participants Recruitment & Scheduling
Simultaneous translation
Report Writing
Local logistics including transportation

We have always believed in resonating with our clients’ needs and support the most innovative qualitative research methodologies along with the traditional ones including.


Ethnography is design to explore the cultural phenomena and it involves studying people in their natural setting like their home, workplace etc. It is imperative that the moderator engrosses into the lives of participants by building a rapport and making it easier for both of them to relate to each other better.

At EmergingMR, we have conducted various consumer connects across industry verticals and geographies. We have always believed in leveraging technology to offer most innovative qualitative data collection solutions to our clients including Video Diaries and Mobile Ethnography, which involved participants to download an application on their phone for a certain time period, upload images, audios, videos and their responses

An interactive and engaging user interface is vital to the success of brands globally.
Understanding how user friendly the interface is, plays an important role in establishing how people connect with your brands. Our best in class technical set up ensures that you get seamless and top quality experience of user research. We use several techniques to dwelve deep into the user experience research like.
Contextual Mapping
Creating user personas
Ethnographic research
Observational research
In depth interviews

Our usability moderators specialize in user experience research have worked on below categories
Websites usability [Banking, Online shopping , Travel portal and other E Commerce websites]
Home appliances such as Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Micro Owen, TV etc.
Medical devices

EmergingMR Value Add:
Industry accepted usability software
High definition cameras
Experienced usability moderators
CCTV for observation
Picture in Picture output

Market Research Online Communities are private communities where people from different ethnicity or countries can be recruited to share their feedback over a fixed period of time. Participants usually have to login everyday for a certain time period and share their feedback. Our fieldwork team has experience recruiting different target groups including..

Online Shoppers
Business & Leisure travelers
Skin care product users
Beer drinkers
m-wallet users
Football fans
Information and technology engineers
Care Givers

EmergingMR Value Add:
Experienced and bilingual moderation
High quality recruitments
Experience across various online community platforms
Prompt follow up ensuring maximum participation
Geographical spread across Asia, Middle East, Latam and Africa

"Research on the go", immerse yourself into the lives of your consumers and get real time insights when they shop, travel, play, eat, work etc.

With the ever increasing number of Smartphone users and the average time spent on Smartphone, it has become imperative for companies to align their data collection methodologies. Our Mobile Ethnography suite allows participants to take surveys, upload photos, audios, videos on the go. "That's anytime anywhere research for you".

Geo location based surveys can also be implemented to evaluate customer satisfaction, understand purchase decision etc. In the moment insights has several plus over traditional research, as the participants can be recruited from different parts of the world and the research could be conducted in real time and that too more efficiently and effectively.

Immersions are invaluable source of real insights. It involves, understanding how people connect with brands, how they interact and how they perceive it in real life. As companies are adopting strategies that are more customers centric, demand for consumer connects has increased significantly over a period of time.
EmergingMR facilitates clients by arranging consumer connects across different target groups. Our recruitment team is capable of recruiting various target audiences for immersion from, mechanics working at independent workshops to frequent flyers.
We can conduct immersions at various locations including

In home
In clinic
At workplace
At shopping mall
While travelling

We support multiple modes of data collection for qualitative research, from innovative solutions like online communities to traditional in-depth interviews. In-depth interviews are critical source of real insights, so we ensure that we use relevant moderator and offer right ambience for interviewing.
Our recruitment team has experience conducting focus groups with consumers, B2B professionals and physicians. Our respondents database is updated continuously to offer diverse respondents profile.

EmergingMR Value Add:
1 Way Mirror Facility [Can also be used for Central Location Test]
Live Video Streaming
Quality recruitments
CCTV/LCD set up for observation
Experienced & bilingual moderators
Simultaneous translator
Top line report / Full Report