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Industry Verticals

We connect clients with key stake holders across industries. Our aim is to empower clients with key strategic insights and help them make informed business decisions.
Our comprehensive business offering are across different industry verticals. With dedicated research practice for each of the industry verticals we cover, we ensure that we offer best in class fieldwork capabilities in Asia, Middle East, Latam, Africa and other emerging markets.

When it comes to interviewing, we have industry specific interviewers with 10+ years experience to ensure that the research participants and the interviewers relate to each other better.

Industry verticals that we cover includes..

Emerging Markets, with an ever increasing middle-class population, offers high growth rate for automotive industry. EmergingMR helps you connect with different key stake holders from automotive industry like fleet managers, car owners, intenders, channel professionals, Independent workshop owners, service center managers, automotive equipment manufacturers etc.
Localization is must to ensure that brands succeed globally and we ensure that we add that bit of local touch to your research. We dwelve deep into local markets and help you answer some interesting questions like below.

Why pick up trucks are so popular in Thailand ?

Why Multi purpose vehicle are called “People movers” in Indonesia and why they continue to rule the Indonesian automotive market ?

Why SUVs remain the most preferred choice across buyers in India ? And more…

Our automotive fieldwork capabilities spans various research techniques including..
Brand Equity
Brand positioning
Channel professional satisfaction
Dealer satisfaction
Market Sizing
Immersions at garage and workshops

Global consumer dynamics have been changing rapidly. Looking at the growth potential offered by Emerging Markets in the years to come, it has become strategically important for FMCG companies to understand consumer spending trends in these markets.
We work across a range of product categories such as Personal care products, Food and beverages, Over-the- counter drugs and household care products. Our fieldwork team has experience working on various research techniques including..

Ad Testing
Brand Positioning
Brand Tracking
Concept Evaluation
Creating Consumer Personas
Journey Mapping
Market Segmentation
Product Testing
Packaging Test
Sensory Evaluation

Increasing internet penetration, mobile subscriptions and growing economy are leading the e-commerce growth in most of the Emerging Markets. With the spread of mobile phones, E-commerce industry as a whole is enjoying double digit growth and their future prospects remains bright.
Emerging Markets are noticing tremendous shift from traditional “brick & mortar” System to “Online Retailing”. Hence it has become imperative for E-Commerce companies to understand the drivers for online retailing. We help our clients connect with key stake holders and make fact based decisions on business expansion and market entry strategies.
Our fieldwork team has experience working on several E-Commerce projects involving User Experience Research, Focus Groups, In depth interviews for below segments..
Our fieldwork team has experience working on several E-Commerce projects involving
Online Banking
Travel Portals
Online Shopping
Clothing & Accessories
Online Food Ordering
Online Entertainment

Vital qualitative & quantitative insights into healthcare market research
At EmergingMR , we have a dedicated healthcare research practice to ensure that we deliver rich data with actionable insights. Our healthcare market research experience spans across 30+ therapeutic areas and across most of the emerging markets.
We maintain a database of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, hospital support staff and patients across Asia, Middle East, Latam and Africa, which is regularly used for online and offline studies. This in-house database of healthcare and allied healthcare professionals, coupled with our local field force, helps us reach out to low incidence target groups with ease.
Our fieldwork team’s extensive knowledge of the local healthcare system comes very handy while deciding, public vs. private hospital quota, specialties to target, setting up sample size etc. Suggestions are also made on the data collection methodologies which are in line with local nuances and cultural intricacies.
Engage with us for breakthrough ideas from healthcare experts, be it evaluating Market Access, gaining insights into Pricing and Reimbursement Strategies, understanding the impact of Health Economics or Outcomes Research (HEOR), conducting User Experience Research for medical devices or reaching out to physicians for Patient Record Forms

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Emerging Markets are at the forefront of adopting technology innovations. So it has become strategically important for IT companies to know consumer trends in these markets. We help our clients understand purchase trends into Printers, storage servers, networking devices, cloud computing, Internet of Things and data center.
Our recruitment team is well equipped and experienced in recruiting IT decision makers and other key stake holder across the industry. Key stakeholders that we help our clients connect with includes..

Software Engineers (across different technologies & platforms)
Database Architects
Computer Networking Professionals
Data Analysts
Design Engineers
Technical Consultants
Admin/purchase managers

Telecom industry has been at the center of innovation for emerging markets. With latest smartphones and tablets, making headway into the markets very often, it has become imperative for telecom companies to understand how people interact and perceive their brands.
We will help our clients in understanding the market and product category thoroughly. Various research techniques we work on includes..

Customer Satisfaction Studies
Concept Evaluation
Employee Satisfaction Studies
Market Segmentation
Retail and supply chain strategies
User Experience Research for new designs
Tariff Tests